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5 Tips For New Internet Marketers

5 Tips For New Internet Marketers

An effective blog can be a very powerful tool: it can put you in touch with a large audience and even earn you money through advertisements, merchandise and other means.

As a result, it pays to ensure your blog is the best it can be. Like many things in life, there is always room for improvement if you’re willing to make the effort. Here are 5 such examples to help make a better blog.

Regular content

A blog, in essence, is your output of content, often in the form of words and photographs. If people subscribe to you, they expect regular content. If you’re sporadic in your rate of delivery people will not come back just to check. A constant schedule ensures people know how often to revisit. It goes without saying that more content means people come back more often but something new each week should be a minimum goal.

Simple layout

Similarly, people want to get straight to your content. A blog doesn’t need many different pages. Ideally, you need blog posts, an about me page and an archive system. Additional pages such as a store can be useful but too many links and headers will only confuse and disorient visitors.

Mobile site

Blogs can be read on the go, so it helps to cater to this potential audience. A mobile-specific site is ideal for phones and tablets, whereas normal websites have too many elements for such a small screen. This is a simple gesture that ensures mobile viewers don’t feel left out.


For both your desktop and mobile websites, security should be a high priority. If you want people to trust you with any information, you need the right defenses. The likes of SSL certificates for encryption are a great way to show and explain this to readers, instantly letting them know the standard of safety you have adopted.


Blogs are about interaction. Readers want to get to know you or your business, and may try to contact you as a result. While a quick reply is ideal, it isn’t a necessity. Sometimes you can’t reply to someone straight away, but don’t simply ignore them. An unacknowledged voice will look elsewhere. It’s little touches like this that show readers you care, which is especially useful in the very competitive nature and wide market of online blogs.

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