3 Ways For Students To Use Social Media Right

Social Networking For Students

For the new generation, social media has been around our whole lives. We first had Myspace pages, then Facebook and now we have 20 accounts to all of the different sites that are social media networks. So we are using, sharing and living our lives with these sites! But how do we know if we are using these social networks the right way? Check out these 3 things that students do right on social media!

Found professional voice

So you’re on twitter and a big event happens and now 10 hashtags are trending, how do you respond to this activity? If you have a professional voice, you can hop on this trend without making an offensive remark and add visibility to your brand though a topic that might not be related. When you are able to hop on trends and use them for your own professional gain, that’s what having a professional voice is all about! With this voice, you can avoid gaffes that can kill an account or reputation.

Posting interesting things

If you’re posting offensive or boring things, you’re using social media wrong. Being able to be found in these social networks is so very important while also being relevant. You have to find your audience, and you will not be able to do that if your posts put people off, or they are just not very interesting.  You always have to make sure your posts are non-offensive. Making a rude joke online stays online, and it can hurt an account or persons reputation for a very long time. Many people have lost jobs by posting “jokes” or comments that are offensive and have been fired. You can make jokes on topical subjects; just make sure your interesting post is interesting for the right reasons!


This is the best way to use most social media networks. You want to find and follow thought leaders in your area. This is easy on sites like twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. If you are able to create a viable network of people who are leaders in your subject, you are networking well! The biggest part of networking on these sites is that you maintain a professional demeanor online. When the people who are most important in your industry are in your network, you are much more likely to be successful! Remember, these social media sites are all about reaching out and getting to know people.

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