A Review of Doba Drop Shipping

Doba Drop Ship

Ever since I did a partial sign-up for Doba I have been getting spam from them. I never finished the sign up; it was a little experiment to see how far I could get before they asked for a credit card (which I never gave them). Supposedly they have this 7 day trial offer (ooooo boy, a whole 7 days!) and I was trying to see it if was legit or not.I’ve read a lot of complaints about this company and I have to wonder. I see them everywhere — Doba here, Doba there. They must spend a fortune on Google adwords! I have them in my Squidoo Lens too in the places where I cannot edit them. Part of the sign up process had me putting in my email address. In fact, email and password is the very first step along the way. If you read the fine print below the sign up, here is what it says:

Doba will not disclose your email address to third parties. We use email only as a means of communicating with you.

Means of communicating is exactly what they use it for: illegitimately! Here is a snap shot of my Gmail spam box.

All Doba! And Gmail knows Doba is spam; it puts all their emails in the Spam folder straight away. These are not phish emails either; they really do originate from Doba. If you open one of the emails , the only thing in the email body is a hyperlinked image to their signup page. There is no way to ‘unsubscribe’ from their emails. Isn’t that a violation of the Can Spam law?

Am I going to do business with a company that has to resort to illegal spam? Don’t think so. And read what some eBay sellers have to say in the Doba Review forum (link here). Not very favorable and lots of truth in those guides. If you want to do real dropshipping, and make money from it (rather than loose money), you’ll need to work with real wholesalers directly in a niche. Not a middleman. Check out the WorldWide Brands Video Center. Look at Top 5 sourcing Tips, then Tip #2.

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