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How to Write a Product Review

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I wanted to provide a little more insight on writing a good review.  Lets remember that we write reviews for each product in our system because we need something unique that Google robots can hone in ion, understand what your product is, and help it decide that it likes the information.  If it only sees the Amazon information, it will go somewhere else.  Google prefers reading good quality content and it has ways of deciding what is good. It likes “expert’ content; content that uses words the robot expects to see when someone who is an expert on the topic is writing about it. While these words are hard to figure out, you can usually be sure those words are naturally being used if you take the time to write good content. Also, Google prefers content that helps teach the reader.  It should not have copied sentences from other sites, unless you put that in quotes and reference the other site with a hyperlink (that is a good idea, but don’t overdo it).

I wanted to share with you how a good review might look.  This is time consuming and may be more than people want to do, but I still thought it is a good illustration of what one might do.

Below is the title from  And here is the link for a product description.

 Handmade Jaipuri Reversible Indian Boho Cotton Quilt with Hand Block Print Work Size 90 X 108 Inches

So first, the titles don’t have to be the titles from Amazon, nor do they have to be long.  I try to make the titles more friendly and easy to look at.  So here is how I would make the title:

 Handmade Jaipuri Reversible Indian Quilt.

Then I would put the rest of the stuff into the review text.  You can also put a subhead with your site name or your personal name: It gives an extra hit for your name and help tell google what the site is about.  You should give it an H3 tag.  Google likes H tags.  it shows them a sentence is importnatn. An H3 tag is an html phrase and you might hear about it when you read some of the rousrces from our library.  But all it means is you choose heading 3 from the pulldown menu

Now for the main content; First, you need to put yourself into the mind of your target customer.  Think about what you might want to see that would entice you to buy the product.  Or, what kind of information would make you read, or continue to read the review.

If the person writing this is suppose to be an expert, and you were reading it, what would make you buy it on their recommendation.  Second, to accomplish this, the review can’t be too short. You can get away with a couple of sentences, but the more information, the more chance you have to convince Google that this is useful information.  I don’t think you can do that in 2 sentences.  At least not for every review, you can mix it up though.

Now, there is really no end to what you could write about.  And you want your reviews to be different for each product.  Since some products are similar, this can be difficult, but you can pull something from other reviews you have done, just make sure you reword them in a way that it won’t look like you are copying.  The more you write, the more chance you have to convince someone that they should buy this.  Also, the more you write, the more words Google has to index.  Where does that end?  Who knows?

So, if I were writing this to the highest level, I might talk about Jaipur as a place that makes rugs, or maybe about Boho, which is short for Bohemian.  So here is an example of how I would write for this product.

Another Ecommerce Maestro Indian Quilt Review

This is a beautifully crafted and hand-quilted piece, made in Jaipur, India, that will add charm to any room. Jaipur, known as the Pink City, has been a major manufacturer of high quality textiles since the early days of British Colonialism.  So you can be assured its made with care.  The quilt is reversible so you never have to worry about which side is up or if your kids manage to put a food stain on 1 side, all you need to is keep that side down.  I also appreciate when manufacturers take care to keep the quality throughout, not on just one side of the item.  The pattern is the Boho style, which is short for Bohemian, so while being from Pre-Colonial India, it still has a modern feel to it.  I also love the hand block print. Hand block printing is considered to be the most artistic of all the printmaking.  The care and detail it takes to hand block can be seen as there is no other method that can bring out such detail.  Its a really interesting process so if you want to learn more, there is a paragraph on it at  This quilt is also nice and large, measuring 108″ x 90″ so it can cover any bed and if you want, you can wrap yourself up into it and feel very cozy. You won’t be disappointed with this purchase.

So note that I know absolutely nothing about quilts or fabrics.  I wrote this not being an expert in the least by just taking some time to read about how quilts are made.  I looked up Boho, Hand Block Print, Jaipur and came up with this review.  Imagine what you can do with your own products since you are actually experts, or will be

But more importantly, this is a story that makes you think that the person who wrote it knows what they are talking about, they care about their product and took the time to teach something about the product that goes beyond anything in the Amazon description.  Google will look at this as more than just a product sale, but information.  And that can be fairly important.  I also marked bold the words that Google will also look at that go beyond the product. (You don’t bold in the real article)  This helps Google understand that this is more than just a product description, but a product review.

Finally, I used to tell people to look at phrases in the Google Keyword Search tool and then use them a few times.  Only do this if it sounds natural though, because if you make the sentences sound stilted or odd, then Google will pick it up as “Keyword Stuffing” and demote your site.  But you can use them as your picture image titles or alt tags.  Or just use those terms as a guide and try to use similar terms or a similar focus as Google also will now be looking at synonyms, not just the keyword phrases.

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