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Exploring The Evolving Times of eCommerce

Exploring The Evolving Times of eCommerce

There is a huge untapped market out there. Today with considerable internet penetration, more and more net savvy youths in, smart phone sales going up and high speed data charges getting their rates dropped further owing to competition; with all these around, we cannot probably think of the next big ideal scenario other than this one. Nexecommerce is powered with robust technology and effective marketing automation tools that help us to an insight about website visits , gives us an opportunity to communicate to customers from the time he is a mere visitor getting introduced to the brand till he is converted into a paying customer and beyond.

It can be pretty disheartening to hear that we have innumerably potential customers waiting to buy so many products of their choice and yet selling products to them at the right time by getting adequately noticed by them seems tough.

But not we, Nexecommerce have been a pioneer in next generation technology. We have launched our all Nexecommerce mobile app across all mobile platforms be it ios, Windows, Android, Black berry our app is simply makes you fall in love with our software. We bet you just cannot get enough browsing our app because the more you browse the more your inquisitive quotient gets triggered.

Want to know what makes us truly a class apart from our counterparts? There hundreds of already existing names who also offer app and are vying for their end user’s attention. We have a laser focused idea for promotion as we garner interest of media and other online communities by making them incorporate our products and offerings in to their content.  We do this by just thinking out of box. So it is more likely that they will be more than interested to partner with us. We never use the typical method like sponsored links and banner ads as they are more tried and done by many. Readers and users are smartening up and have started recognizing the old school of thought for sponsoring techniques and promotions. Creativity holds the key for us to entice our users easily we align our products displayed in our site with their personal preferences.

Statistical reporting and research reveal that by 2018 M-commerce sales are going to reach an estimated $626 billion almost equaling global e commerce in the year 2013.

Modern marketing practices call for better social media engagement, active online interaction, efficient marketing automation by segmenting content to customers at different points along the purchaser’s journey, develop content strategies, qualify leads and constantly monitor results to stay at the top.

Some of the global trends in online marketing are as follows-

Ability to segment markets-

One needs to gather relevant departments like sales and marketing to establish buyer personas for defining when exactly contacts become leads and later leads become opportunities. For all business to consumer companies it is important to capture information like basic demographic details, behavioural patterns, transactional kind like what products they have brought. Further additional information like job title, monthly revenue, interest in seeing product demo are all the other crucial factors that can help any e business to build effective marketing collateral. Qualifying leads often rely on these data like visitor information, operating system, location, language, and age etc for form submissions to come into effect.  For e.g a retired  English professor may not be interested in going through a full technical jargon about digital security for an anti virus solution especially if he is looking to make sure his home computer is not infected by  by virus. By offering him a 10% discount off a single license will drive him back to the shopping again in the future.

Application program interface-marketing automation occurs throughout the customer cycle which includes a lot of surveys, transactions, emails so it becomes important for your solution to not only integrate with the CRM but also with the ERP  and e commerce platforms.

Community support-

Having a pool of knowledgeable resources in the field shall add incredible value to the whole system.

A lot of more off the mark tools and most sought after approaches in the ecommerce sphere are coming up in the future blogs. So stay tuned.

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