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How to Sky Rocket Your Social Media Engagement

How to Sky Rocket Your Social Media Engagement

It is important that when we engage on social media we have a game plan and are not just posting aimlessly. With a strategy at hand your ROI from social media can increase 100 fold. Here are some the things you need to keep in mind when engaging on social media:

Be Conversational
Always remember that social media is a conversation! Think about when you’re talking to a group of friends. Social media is the same way, think of all of the conversation starters you use on a daily basis and incorporate those into the social media marketing strategy for your business. Remember; just keep talking.

Ask for Feedback or Input
Another key thing that can boost up social media engagement is actively asking for input from your audience. Are you working on a new program or launching a new service/offer for your business? Why not let your customers input be included in the working of your new business growth and product offerings? Social media provides a perfect and rather easilily accessible platform for businesses to get immediate feedback or input on their brands, changes, promotions and offers.

Another great way to utilize social media engagement while also increasing the success of your brand is by conducting surveys on social media. You can really get creative with this one, from asking anything from what topics your audience prefers for your social media content to asking for complete input in the product or service creation of your business.

Social media is also the perfect platform for providing offers for your target audience. Offers can be anything from special coupons or social media only discounts.

Hosting Contests
One sure way to boost the engagement of your brand is to hosts a contests! Contests are really great and they help to get your audience revved up and excited about your business. Contests also promote sharing, if your hosting a great contests, make sure to encourage your audience on social media to share with all of their friends. This will make sure your contest is shared with as many viewers as possible.

Similar to hosting contests, giveaways provide a great way to engage with your target audience on social media. You can begin by thinking about something your audience would absolutely love based on your industry and have them register on social media for the giveaway. It could be a free product, sample, piece of technology, or even a car giveaway! You can brainstorm with your team to make sure you get really creative with this.

Free Content
Providing valuable free content is so important as well on social media. You always want to make sure while you’re posting that you are providing the most value to your audience, so that they succeed. You can even use the surveys mentioned above to create content that’s really supportive of your audience’s desires and needs. Checklists, PDF’s, fact sheets, videos and well written blog posts are great ways to provide valuable free content to your target market.

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